Being Unapologetically You

In the recent weeks, I have had multiple conversations rooted in the ideas of self-confidence, transparency, and being true to oneself. I would argue that dependent on the generation, the culture, and the mindset you are brought up in, that you were not taught about the power of defining yourself. You were not taught theContinue reading “Being Unapologetically You”

The Reset Button

I have often caught myself reminiscing on the previous interactions I have had with the many people in my life. I think about why certain interactions were positive, and why others were negative in the way they unfolded. Personally, I like to look at life through the lens of lessons learned versus feelings of guiltContinue reading “The Reset Button”

El Punto de No Retorno

Durante las últimas semanas, he tenido muchas conversaciones profundas con muchos amigos y familiares. No es ningún secreto que los Estados Unidos se está encaminando por un camino muy oscuro y caótico. Se están perdiendo vidas, se ha erosionado la confianza y una doctrina anarquista parece estar tomando el timón. Es irónico ver cómo nuestraContinue reading “El Punto de No Retorno”

The Point of No Return

Over the last few weeks, I have had a lot of profound and insightful conversations with many friends and family members. It is no secret that the United States is heading down a very dark and chaotic path. Lives are being lost, trust has been eroded, and an anarchistic doctrine seems to be taking theContinue reading “The Point of No Return”