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For the last two years, I ruminated about using social media as a platform to bring about positive change in the world. For the longest time, and still to this day, I’ve been fascinated by our decision-making abilities as human beings. I’ve questioned how our perception of the world is shaped, and what leads us to act in the fashion that we do. I have always been an advocate for people to not only have an objective belief system, but also a grounded code of conduct in the forefront of their minds.

Our belief system and code of conduct are influenced by genetics and biology (nature), as well as the environments and experiences we are exposed to (nurture). Although nature may predispose us to certain things in life, my personal belief is that we are in control of how we lead our lives. I am not and will never claim to be a perfect human being. That being said, I believe that my belief system and code of conduct have enabled my mindset to evolve to a place where I can: 1) Make sound decisions; 2) Be accountable for my actions and learn from the questionable decisions; 3) Always strive to do right by God and the people around me. The components of, and the Tribe of Intruists Logo as a whole, capture the above concepts and more. Let’s dive into it!

Regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, etc., every individual in the world shares two things:

(1) A beating heart.

(2) A human essence.

Everyone has a story, or an arc. The best way to consciously improve your ARC, is by consistently cycling through its components:

(A)ction: The physical effort or lack thereof, of translating our intangible thoughts, into their tangible counterparts.

(R)eflection: The ability to humbly analyze ourselves with the intent to understand why we make the decisions we make, and act the way we do.

(C)ognizance: The ability to acknowledge the why discovered, and using it to implement better courses of action moving forward in life.

The Tipis (or Teepees) are an homage to Indigenous culture, and are the inspiration for the word “Tribe” in “Tribe of Intruists”. Tipis were previously used as dwellings by the Indigenous culture. Within the TOI logo, they contribute to the following:

(1) One Tipi represents one group of people. The three Tipis represent the many groups and cultures on Earth. Each culture provides beauty and depth to the world, in their own way.

(2) Although different groups may have different beliefs and ideals, all groups are unified by being part of one tribe: The Human Tribe.

(3) Our proximity to one another, our humanity, and our beating hearts, make us interconnected indefinitely. “United we stand. Divided we fall”.

Put simply, the gray signifies the gray areas of life. Gray areas in life are things that push you out of, or that challenge your moral, ethical, legal, or personal code. Associated feelings to the above are anxiety, guilt, shame, regret, and fear to name a few. Examples include:

(1) Not admitting fault in making a decision or acting in a way, which led to an undesirable outcome (shame).

(2) Not sticking up to friends, family, or coworkers, who have disrespected you or someone you care about (fear).

(3) Not quitting a job or position that’s headed down a path you can’t identify with, while having people that depend on you [spouse, children, parents] (anxiety).

The black and white ring signifies the mindset of the Intruist: convicted, but malleable if necessary. I created the word “Intruist”, by combining the words introspection (self-analysis) and alruist (unselfish). An Intruist is a person who:

(1) Has a growth mindset selfishly focused on personal growth, with the ultimate goal of unselfishly passing on the knowledge and experience acquired to help others.

(2) Has a belief system and code of conduct rooted in unity, peace, justice, love, humility, respect, accountability, community, and spirituality towards themselves and others.

(3) Is focused on the legacy they will create, in order to ensure their life was worth living, long after they are no longer on this Earth.

I hope that the above breakdown provided you with the clarity and understanding of what Tribe of Intruists is all about. Progress beats perfection. If you are willing to humbly look deep within yourself, and are willing to take the action steps necessary to transform your life, awesome things will begin to happen. Not only will you change your life, you will inevitably cause a ripple effect in the lives of those closest to you, and the world that surrounds you!

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Seize the day, seize your life, and we will seize our communal tribe together!

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